In Order To Bloom is a body of work telling the story of the complexity and strength of motherhood, coinciding with the ongoing battle against the disease of addiction. Told through visual translation of conversations between two young women, who have witnessed their mothers struggle with  alcohol dependence throughout their lives.

Focussing on the themes of mother-daughter relationships and healing, the work portrays the raw and truthful story of the disease while aiming to fight harmful stereotypes of addicts, and to start the vital, yet so often avoided, conversations around the subject.

Through a multitude of mediums, as visually complex as the story being told, In Order To Bloom brings you behind closed doors into the world of families facing the struggle of living with alcoholism. Portrayed through childhood memories, those sweet and distorted, visual depictions of trauma, healing mechanisms and mother-daughter connections.

Weaving together fragments of the lives of two young women and assembling a greater narrative, creating a space for anyone to reflect on their own experiences.